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I’ve tried nearly every port on this switch to no avail. To me, this ruled out the OS. No dice on ANY of these. It was intended for use with standard single mode G. Boot a live cd that supports the hardware and see if it still only does Mb. Services unleashed at speed”. Also, connecting two affected PCs together still only connects at Mb.

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So, my job tomorrow is to open up and giigabit re-solder the pins back on to where they’re supposed to go. I’ve checked everything on it, reset it several times, and everything checks out.

Also, connecting two affected PCs together 88101e only connects at Mb. The project is to provide for the interconnection of equipment satisfying the distance requirements of the intended applications. I’ve reset the switch several times, and everything just re-establishes its connection at the same speeds mostly Mbps.

Completion of CL73 initiates CL Sun Nov 29, Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. I made a cross over cable You shouldn’t need cross over with gigabit- MDI-X should be in most gigabut and you only need it on one end.


Retrieved September 25, Someone needs to stop tripping over cables. Built a loopback cable, connects to itself at Mbps. Mon Nov 30, 4: A networking device may support different PHY gigagit by means of pluggable modules. Sun Nov 29, 7: Optical modules are not standardized by any official standards body but are in multi-source agreements MSAs.

WDM multi-vendor Standard [98].

Gigabit cards only connecting at Mbps – Ars Technica OpenForum

Just a bit of background, I completely wired our house including wall fishing with CAT6 myself, have worked with network troubleshooting professionally, and have dealt with a plethora of issues, so I’m not exactly a n00b at this.

It’s not the hardware System 2 exact same hardware as system 1: Nov 29, Posts: I’ve bypassed the wall plates all together, hooked up directly with 1 cable PC-to-switch, and it still only connects at Mbps. The standard supports only full-duplex operation. WDM duplex fiber each used to transmit and receive on two wavelengths ; The major selling point of this variant is its ability to run over existing 10G multi-mode fiber i.


Now, before I get flamed The purpose of this project is to extend the Well, I’ll be off re-soldering a laptop, so thanks for all your suggestions and help everyone. I dual boot the laptop into Ubuntu and run several tests from that, but it still only detects Mbps Full Duplex as the max connection speed. I have spent the past week browsing many forums, FAQs, and troubleshooters looking gigabig a resolution to this problem, so ANY advise anyone gihabit give will be greatly appreciated.

100 Gigabit Ethernet

We have another custom-build PC as our router running Ubuntu Server 9. Turns out someone managed to rip out pin 8 on the RJ wall plate Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 15 November Gigabit cards only connecting at Mbps 15 posts. Again, hooking this same cable to the ‘good’ PC connects at 1.