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I changed my design to use the rising edge of the clock. January 28, at 3: If you need more time, i. The SDRAM initializes for a very long time us , so you are probably not letting the simulation run long enough for the controller to come out of reset. Hi Matthew, Really appreciate your work. Can I plug a sub-woofer into the audio out and gain good bass? Maybe this is a good place to get some advice.

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For me it is very important to have simple controller which I can understand and tweak in ways I need. Articles on this Page showing articles to of SDRAM does work better with an intelligent controller that keeps track of reads and writes, can open multiple banks at once, and pull data back in busts.

Multimedia Audio Controller

All have resulted in intermittent and random success. All coding and design work was done on a PC platform unless noted otherwise. Two SM monitors with dead pixels. The Hamsterwiki is one heck of a resource when you run out of inspiration for new things to try out.

SDR SDRAM Controller – Advanced

December 4, at I think I have a couple of gigs that I can turn into swap space for a Raspberry Pi. I find that a lot of engineers and programmers like to over complicate things, I suppose to either try and look smart, or because they are writing something too generic which adds unnecessary complexity.


Looking at your code, the row and column is mentioned in the setup portsbut only address in the later sections. I recently reformatted my hard disk.

The clock input must be MHz. I have already started reading the book as mentioned above.

DELL-Chris M’s Activities

Each bank is configured as x-rows of y-bits columns. SDRAM achieves its high bandwidth by transferring multi-byte data from consecutive addresses. I did my own research since I had no choice. By continuing to use this website you consent to contrlller use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.

See the design’s documentation for details. Trying to play with Altera Cyclone IV and ran into strange problem — the controller stops working after 10 — 50 cycles. To access data outside of the current activated bank requires the bank to be precharged written back to memoryand a new address specified followed by an activate command. Here is the simulation testbed HDL I used.


No problems with audio whatsoever. You can also have multiple banks active at once which allows greater flexibility and data throughput, however this kind of bank manipulation is better left to an intelligent memory controller and is beyond what I did with my controller. There were some later issues with using the falling edge, and all the strange issues were resolved by using the rising edge and buffering the output data.

May 12, at 8: I still cannot diagnose why any of those worked or failed for that matter. If so, will Dell release a windows 10 driver?

The performance and design sizes shown above are 82830mpp only. Email required Address never made public. I hope these pointers help. Have a constant access time.

I can adjust it up to x, which is the optimal resolution for the monitor, but it always ends up weird. June 21, at 8: Since all banks are precharged during initialization, they are ready for activation.