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I suspect there’s a bug in my BIOS — get a message flashed at me on booting, but it’s so incredibly fast, I can’t catch it. The thread also has helpful init. Had almost given up hope. Trying to associate with Will these steps just smoothly overwrite the fwcutter I installed? And welcome to Ubuntu! Then I installed the bcm drivers again.

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Notebook Acer Aspire 4250 Drivers Windows 7, 8

Are you sure you configured it correctly? Contact points within Broadcom?

Cancelling scan request Aug 3 The problem is, in order to install a new network manager, I would have to remove the previous one, which I am not that much eager to do I use this laptop for work and stuff. Had almost given up hope.

Selecting BSS from priority group 0 Aug 3 Try downloading the script tar. Any help would be so appreciated!!! I have temporarily disabled encryption, MAC filtering, etc.

Broadcom Wireless Cards Printable View. I have additional circumstances as well but hopefully nothing that can’t be circumvented.


I would so much appreciate some direction. Where should I go from here? I took the whole family out for ice cream to celebrate. Updated script attached, also 42500 to from the first post. So I manually installed the three packages ndiswrapper common, utilities and ndisgtk. I got this working on my Acer Laptop using ndiswrapper, wpasupplicant, and NetworkManager.

ACER Aspire drivers for Windows 7 bit

I’m stuck at square one. And the really disturbing part about my problem is that it sometimes does connect, sometimes it does not. Trying to associate with Last Jump to page: No keys have been configured – skip key clearing Aug 3 And my laptop does not have an external button. Originally Posted by feasible. I have a BCM wireless card, and I used this guide to set up wireless with ndiswrapper. It has been stable for me now for some time on my laptop.

A quick google search turns up nothing for Broadcom rev 3 cards except this thread which leads me to believe that they are fairly new, and, as such, are probably not supported too well yet.


It keeps hanging when it says intalling ndiswrapper 1.

And even if it would, it is really annoying – having to wait 5 minutes to get associated to a simple router. My access point is just downstairs from me and their are ample access points all around here.

So it actually did work? I must have messed something up with the last ndiswrapper install attempt I did.

ACER Aspire Broadcom Wireless LAN Driver v for Windows 7 (32/bit) free download

I used the easier method wierless the native driver on my laptop. What tests can I run to try and determine where the problem actually is? My ndiswrapper problem appears to be partially installed or something so that the remove thinks its not there and the install thinks its already there??