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Therefore, I updated the patch to make the appropriate sysfs files pollable, and the hwmon sysfs documentation to state that they can be polled. This abstraction layer provides a consistent power supply and meter interface to the operating system across all hardware platforms. Query of power supply and power meter characteristics. There are no open issues. Wong Hi, Darrick, great job.

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Overview of the ACPI 4.0 Power Metering Objects

In reply to this post by Zhang, Rui. On Fri, Pwoer 07, at Right now we’re simulating the meters in kvm until we get real hardware, though it could be a mechanism to report per-VM power use.

So it is one-shot? On Wed, Aug 12, pwer Each ACPI PMI namespace object has appropriate control methods that allow interactions between the operating system and the hardware platform. Will it wake from C3? Wong Hi Darrick, On the system you are planning to run this on Hi Darrick, On the system you are planning to run this on Read about this change in our blog post. Hi all, This is a two-part patchset. If it can’t figure that out, it ignores the hwmon device.


Overview of the ACPI Power Metering Objects – Windows drivers | Microsoft Docs

It also seems logical that hwmon clients shouldn’t have to know about ACPI netlink sockets either, so I’ll combine them both and see what popular consensus thinks 44.0 that. I guess I’ll reroll the patch with a comment stating that. On Mon, Jul 27, at PMI events, such as when power thresholds are exceeded, are signaled through a set of ACPI notify codes on the power meter device.

Hi, Darrick, great job. Choose the type you’d like to provide: The first patch extends the hwmon sysfs interface to include power capping features and extra data about the accuracy and internal operation of the power meter.

For sure there’s no netlink socket that one can read for that sort of thing; a far as I can tell, client programs are expected to bang on sysfs periodicially to figure out when things have gone bad. Is netlink right interface for that?


On Thu, 6 Aug On Mon, Aug 17, at Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Powwr. You may also leave feedback directly on GitHub. Is it just me, or do we need a comment here? These objects provide an abstraction layer to the protocol that is used for power metering and budgeting by the hardware platform.

[PATCH 0/2] ACPI 4.0 power meter

If they are the ones in the processor, I’d rather that Linux use a native model-specific driver to access those registers and not use ACPI. The second patch implements a hwmon driver for ACPI 4. Query of power supply and power meter characteristics.

They’re not in the processor. Management of power budgeting by a power meter.

Will it wake from sleep? In reply to this post by Pavel Machek. I suppose it would be useful to display the OEM data too