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Using Adobe Photoshop however is where the higher colour palettes would be most beneficial. The unregistered version of Magic ISO Maker cannot create images over MB, but this was not a problem for my use cases of creating 3. Then press Enter for Setup once done. The booted CD is equivalent to the diskette above. Below are snippets from Setup itself outlining specifically the differences. I then copied the files into C:

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Time to install DOS. Installing DOS and Windows 3. When creating a new hard disk VirtualBox provides three choices on the file type that is to be used for storing the data within. Setup will ask if you wish to setup icons for mostly DOS applications for ease of access within Program Manager.

Installing Microsoft Office 4. When you return back to Windows, a new program group will appear named Audio Software with the Creative Mixer program available for use.

Install & Configure MS-DOS 6.22 & Windows 3.1 using Oracle VirtualBox

While colours may not sound like much, for most Windows 3. Created by Dieter de Sena. Dillo is faster than Arachne.


Custom installation allows a finer degree of control. The default NAT networking does not allow the VM to communicate with the host, which is what most users want. Then press Enter for Setup once done.

Back to the options menu, highlight Change Network Configuration and press Enter.

When creating the recovery boot disk, Snapshot tries to detect the current keyboard layout of Windows. The installer left me inside the C: Created by Federico Lucifredi. Setting up a new Windows 3.

Packet Drivers for DOS

Once done, Setup will ask about basic regional iik to be used. Contact — Privacy policy — Terms of Use. For the username and password, I use the same details as what I used to log into the VM for a general user account that has permissions to the network share.

Use this option instead. Right-click on the icon that represents the floppy disk and select Choose disk image. INI — Allows you to change the computer name, workgroup name, file and printing sharing on or off, and the network driver to use. Set up the VM’s network adapter to use bridged networking. The unregistered version of Magic ISO Maker cannot create pcnet-fas over MB, but this was not a problem for my use cases of creating 3. Although not mandatory, I recommend installing the updates that became available for Windows 3.


Created by Victor Grund, updated using info from Jeff Bogari.

Network drivers

But hey, you can still play a round of Solitaire! The SoundBlaster 16 installation program. With IC Chip from Digital. Leave the default option No Printer Attached selected and select Install. For connecting to a network share, that will remain easily available for later use type net use e: Updated by Dustin Krysak.

Windows Setup is now complete.

SYS over to your hard disk from a floppy disk- either to C: Once done, close out of the editor and restart the VM. For this, we will leave it as is.