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Anything can be improvised and we will accommodate every request as best we can. The City of Austin is launching a pilot program so you can ride in electric-assist pedicabs with motors which help the drivers pedal up steep hills and travel longer distances. Get a ride now or book your adventure for later! If you like Southern cooking, needed a haircut, and enjoy whiskey, it was the place to be. This pedicab electrification pilot is one of the first in the United States according to Austin Transportation Department research, so community feedback is essential to determining if more electric-assist pedicabs will travel on Austin roads.

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Select your dates and buy the ATX Pass.

Click here for more information or contact us to get started. Advertising campaigns can include wrap ads, panel ads, cab modifications, free rides, product distribution, rider unifroms and many others options. Your help with support for this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Tourists usually request sightseeing tours that include street art, history, scenic views and dirty stories.

Jo Ann and other pedicabbers will be participating. Imagine your logo outside of the hottest locations night after night. Put a savory spin on lunch or dinner with a Food Trailer Tour or put a twist on drinks with a Margarita Tour.


YouEarnedIt, which is an adorably wholesome name, is a tech company whose headquarters are in downtown Austin. An Austin Transportation Department employee measures the speed of an electric-assist pedicab during an inspection. Book one of our tours to see the city in a unique way. Would you like to reserve a pedicab? The five-day ATX Pass gives you access to 25 tours and activities. Other individuals are encouraged to support Meals on Wheels any way they can.

Texas roller derby ad TXRD girls promoting their upcoming season. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Mar 30, Pedicab Leave a comment. Folks book our pedicabs all the time for a variety of reasons. Augustin, who himself is also from New York City.

Austin Pedicabs

Pick your own adventure! This RTX, we were tasked with something immensely delightful: Romantic nights out are our specialty. Implementation and feedback The Austin Transportation Department is partnering with Austin Energy to support the electric-assist pedicab pilot.

Are you a tourist visiting our fair city?

One month later, they held a one-day pedicab pop-up event in downtown Austin. We hope to continue to expand our routes and participation.


– Movemint Bike Cab’s Homepage

Read some of our Customer Reviews! Capital Pedicab did a peducab cab charter for the fine folks at Accenture and their smashing event at the Austin Music Hall with Asleep at the Wheel.

Nearly 50 special kids got the opportunity to ride and have a terrific day thanks to the people at KidStong and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. How does it work? Mayor de Blasio is riding with pedicab driver J.

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We also offer a dog-walking service that is very popular with dogs. Let one of our pedaling tour guides get some exercise while you enjoy an exhilarating, open-air experience and explore what makes Austin weird.

Pedicabs are great for send-offs, and for ferrying guests between venues. For the pop-up, they wanted 10 fully-wrapped pedicabs, 10 pedicab operators, and for the operators to provide free rides for you guessed it four hours.