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Under load , the fan starts running right away the noise level amounts to One of them, called QShot, provides the user with the possibility to make screenshots even during movie playback. The surfaces temperatures of the Joybook S31 are alright. Related Products from Alibaba. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cards , in order to compare this notebook to other configurations. The illumination of If you are still not sure after a comparation, please Contact us.

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The right Shift and Enter keys are diminutive. The battery, which is rather small mAh capacityis pretty efficient. The BenQ notebooks are known for the good quality of their screens.

The Enter key of the reviewed model was also very smallalthough the advertisement depicts the opposite. It also seems to be useful right from the very beginning.

It is useful and convenient in useso we would call it a joybbook model.

Laptop battery for BenQ Joybook S32 S32B S32EB S32EW S32W T31W S31V

Taking the notebook outdoors, you won’t find the picture so fine as on the photo beside. Due to this, typing is maybe not the fastest, but pleasantly quiet. Thanks to our partners of Notebookcheck Polen, who reviewed this notebook. Their click is quite audibleespecially in the middle.


Over suppliers can give you a quotation. In general the emissions of the Joybook S31 are alright. What differentiates them from others are small ditches on their surface by touch.

Review BenQ Joybook S31 Notebook – Reviews

It provides a relatively long runtimewhich ranges from two up to four hours jlybook above. The depicted lack of reflections can be explained by the fact that the tests were made during a sequence of days when the sky was overcast.

They stabilize the not overly big LCD panel perfectly well. This equipment is alright for office and internet applications, but playing games with high 3D demands is not well possible.

There are some sensitive parts, which yield under pressure and creak.

Please firstly compare the picture with your item before you place an order. In general the look improved compared to older Joybooks, e. The keys are rather soft, the travel is somewhat long, the stop is very fine, and the feedback is rather moderate.

Although the brightness is excellentthe vertical viewing angles should be better. As a result the layout of the keyboard is not very clear. These are the left edge of the base unit and the front left corner of the top side.

If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the following: The special buttons above the keyboard are quite specific. In general BenQ laptops have displays of good qualitybut, in this special case we have some objections.


The hinges work very well, the LCD panel doesn’t wobble after adjusting its position. When they are switched on the T31ww of the according plastic button is lit. No HDD benchmark entry found!

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The Joybook S31 belongs to the older generation of notebooks, but it is by no means outdated. Please also look at our benchmark list of mobile processors or at our benchmark list of mobile video cardsin order to compare this notebook to other configurations.

If you do not look carefully, you might easily mistake it for a Vaio laptop.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Horizontally the S31’s viewing angles are quite good. You may also be interested in blower cooling air cooling fan cooling with heat ssr cooling fan heatsink cooling fan cooling fan mini computer fan cooling saab cooling fan pci slot cooling fan good cooling fans. However, at the maximum volume, there were some distortions.