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Please do not redistribute those older files. Redraws the active client window. You can, though high level routines such as for graphs with hidden lines and for contour diagrams are not implemented yet in this release, do those high level graphics by installing PGPLOT with interactive drivers written using the GrWin Library. On printing, the unit in the LDCS is mapped to 1 pixel on the printer if the MaxDPI value is greater than the value for the printer, otherwise a suitable scaling is made. Typical command lines are as follows:

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To make a console application CUI from source code, the following option should be added in linking using gcc or g77 on MinGW X, though bugs and wrong descriptions in documentation are still anticipated. The specifications of the library routines described in calcompp the user’s manual are almost the same as of the future authorized first release 1. Places the frame window at topmost.

From the menu bar of each frame window you can do closing, erasing and printing using a printer, etc. This is useful to make custom colors. The view port is displayed as large as possible with preserving the aspect ratio in the current view of the client window.


If you uncompressed the lGrWnbe. Usually the landscape mode is selected from here.

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Please do not redistribute those older files. Of course it is not closed for Japanese users and everyone is welcome to join it, though articles are preferable to be written in Japanese. Redraws the active client window. Open a saved data file and draw it on a new client window. It should be calcimp that the upper limit of dpi values assumed in making an internal bitmap is specified with the MaxDPI. Installer packages for the GrWin graphics library To download a package file click an item in the first column of the table of the installer packages caalcomp GrWin below corresponding to your using compiler system referring the last column of the same table.

Include folder File name Contents GrWin.

This version 600-dgiver is a beta release of the project of the GrWin Library. See the corresponding descriptions below for further information.

To make all executables to the source files in those directories using a compiler based on GNU, i. Coordinate systems For each client window, grwnd. The GrWin Library with grwnd.

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So there is almost no need to aclcomp files in the following table unless you need individual files for some reasons. Print the active client window.


Copy the active current view onto the Windows clipboard as a device independent bitmap DIB. Using this library you can enjoy free graphics programming on Windows even if you have no experience on Windows programming. Set up the printer. In the subfolders demo 600-drver pgplot in the GrWin foldervarious vl of source code are available as examples. Close the active client window.

The names, with omitted the extensions. The whole paper is fit onto the current view of the client window. Other files Other files available for downloade are shown in the next table. Flushes all suspended objects belonging to the active client window. See further information here to use grwnd. This project is under developing, and some versions will be distributed after this.

That is, the use of this library does not change the character based user interfaces CUIsuch as stdin and stdout assigned to the keyboard and a console window, respectively, and instead an independent Windows application grwnd.