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You will generally want to keep this function off. Check out the FAQ! I want to add a camera on the Youbot so that I can track road lanes and do lane keeping which I’m doing for a senior design project. So my correction factor is 1. Then it never goes down on the ground, it continues to move on two wheels really cool indeed!! I notice that at the first spawn, it doesn’t move at all, but then I will send a command to the arm. When V-REP quits, the port that it was using to listen for connexions is not freed immediately.

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I really appreciate your assistance. Home Tutorials Wiki Issues.

Cannot read gripper values When i have unpluged gripper program write missing EtherCat slaves Most of the youBot functionalities can be understood by browsing through the youBot example scriptwhich shows how to access to the sensors and actuators of the youBot.

But something is wrong with the physics, the model ppen not seem affected by the gravity.

Project Definition

Sim period is set to 0. Is there a way in Gazebo that will output the rotation matrices directly? Embed this content in your HTML. No such file or directory.


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To run the example:. Gazebo requires javascript to work properly, please enable javascript in your browser, here is how. The goal of the project is to program a youBot to put away groceries. There are no holes or open doors leading outside the house.

And when I set a goal in rviz However this doesn’t make any sense because this is the stock YouBot directly from Kuka with no strange changes or anything of the sort. Gazebo cwnnot starts the scene without outputting anything to the terminal. Home Tutorials Wiki Issues. Thanks and Regards Guru.

I don’t use the youbot that long yet. I’m open to your suggestions.

Browse the Latest Snapshot. How can I do this? System has 0 initialized arm s. However, eventually, the arm should accept user joubot for positioning.

Is there a way to fix the robot to the gazebo “floor” so that this doesn’t happen? There are plenty of functions in Peter Corke’s Robotics Toolbox that will help you with high-level algorithms path planning, visionā€¦but also low-level computations pose transformation, angle distanceā€¦.


Xannot i think it isn’t conection problem but IAM totaly sure i don’t change nothing in youbot driver between i unplug and reconect gripper.

Now its seems that the youBot package already came with several cameras including the Asus Xtion camera, Kinect camera, and the Microsoft Lifecam with their gazebo.

TRS: An Open-source Recipe for Teaching (and Learning) Robotics with a Simulator

Fiducials in conjuction with AMCL. Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog. My OS is Ubuntu Hello there I’m currently working with a youBot from Kuka. I am trying to integrate leap motion sensor with youBot. I installed Gazebo-7 and started with the tutorial same as you.

Check out the FAQ! I’d really much appreciate any help.