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And Randall, yes we are in analog mode. Scroll down to Deck Configuration. Do you know what codec is used in the video? I am having a whole host of issues getting this to work. Sometimes for not logical reason, it might work. Oldest to newest Newest to oldest Previous Next.

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Although it may not be the reason for your problems, I would think that your very new and powerful computer has many components that are not on the list of certified parts for running MC.

Cambridge Audio Azur D. Send a private message to SDDP. Sat, Jun 20 1: Thank you in advance!

But, even here, I hope that someone with a similar set up can chip in with some advice. Also, make sure the firewire connection is to the port on the motherboard of your computer.

You can fix vixta anything if you throw enough money at it. No comments Comments posted by D.

Cannot Import VHS Using Canopus ADVC – Avid Community

Canopusimportinput adcvVHS. Los Angles, CA Posts: Has anyone experienced this and come up with a solution? No comments Comments posted by oama from United States, March 25, Sat, Jun 20 7: I got my ADVC from ebay and wanted to import video to show on my external monitor so that I can score music to video.


Could be either a bad port or cable or both. After using movie maker, it seems to be working fine, though.

No comments Comments posted by Tony from France, August 25, Just to clarify, you are attempting to play video out of Pro Tools via firewire correct? And I did install the avid video enginee yet I’m not sure how to uninstall protools and reinstall.

Canopus ADVC-100 – VideoHelp Capture Card

I have deleted all decks and tried to auto configure but avid does not see this device even though windows movie maker does see the analog signal going into the canopus device. Sometimes for not logical reason, it might work. If a deck was powered off, turn it on and select “check decks.

Vita all posts by LLRH. As far as which brands are suported by Avid, well, I hooked up my DV camera to this device and I know I can hook it directly into the Canops, but I’m trying to test this Canopus device and the Avid detected it and captured the DV camera video.

Drivers for Canopus ADVC

Link, FireWire and stored on your hard drive where they can be manipulated using your favorite photo or video editing applications. Upon verifying all the settings that everyone has mentioned, I closed Avid, did a shutdown, and reopemned Avid and saw the folling message: Give this config a name “Canopus ADVC ” Click in the surrounding box so a red outline appears around the whole grey box containing both the port setting and the device and click delete Then add channel to the now empty configuration.


Avid lists this as a “supported video device” and the firewire bus recognizes it on my Macbook Pro. No comments Comments posted by vuxphan from United States, March 15, The version might not be compliant with V64, there is an version that is said to be, the version works excellent, I use it myself.

Ok, so I will respond to each of your suggestions in the order that I see them. Have you tried a different tape? Sat, Jun 20 Find all posts by 1m1. Processor Intel Core i7 Processor 4x 2.