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Discuss this review in our forum. Monitor Panel Parts Database. Further details about this issue will be posted in this article as updates when they become available. Good screen; long lasting; good buy I decided to get the WFP because of my previously great experiences with Dell Ultrasharp monitors, the amazing specs, the many video inputs, and great reviews. This could just be down to how susceptible people are to these kind of issues, or it could be that the issue varies from one screen to another.

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Dell 2407WFP LCD Monitor

I recently put together a triple monitor setup for my gaming rig with three wfp’s. Input source is a single button used for rotating selection – no direct buttons.

Testing the screen with colour gradients showed nice smooth transitions between colour shades, and no detectable banding. Dell Alienware 25″ The back of the screen offers a wide range of interface options as shown above. This is how to activate the profile within Windows: We’ll come onto the colour analysis later as well, but first let’s take a look at the listed spec for this screen: ChrisM confirmed that this would NOT be possible from the user end: This product is in Great Condition and tested for Key Functionality.


It’s not clear where the problem lies, but they were investigating issues with RTC control as detailed in this article. The text size is a nice compromise between the slightly too large appearance on 19″ and 22″ models higher pixel pitches of 0. Even calibration with a professional colorimeter did not correct this unfortunately. Gamma was spot on at 2. From the sides, the image remained good, even at extreme angles, and this was the same when moving vertically.

Dell UltraSharp WFP-HC Specs – CNET

I can confirm that even with correct calibration with a high-end colorimeter, the issue was still there. Check the Revision Number!

For reference, LaCie describe the DeltaE readings as: The design is nice and the build quality is excellent.

Good screen; long lasting; good buy I decided to get the WFP because of my previously great experiences with Dell Ultrasharp monitors, the amazing specs, the many video inputs, and great reviews.

I wouldn’t get too excited about a new firmware yet W e are looking for the root cause. It might well be that we have a bit of a wait before a fix is available.

Dell WFP-HC LCD Monitor | eBay

However, when the overdrive feature is coupled with a faster monitor response time, the potential for overdrive ghosting can occur in some viewing patterns. Until we know ch root cause, we cannot have a corrective action plan.

It’s not something which every user notices, but if you are concerned, I would consider either purchasing a regular WFP model, or waiting for a hopeful fix.


In fact, it is Samsung’s 6ms G2G generation which showed the most improvement bc practice compared with the non-overdriven generation of PVA panels. The wide ‘HighColor’ gamut is certainly an attractive feature for those who work with extended gamut content and are looking for the latest technology from the more affordable monitor range.

Use a Preset Colour Profile. The stand is detachable and the screen is VESA compliant. Edll means the item has been inspected, cleaned, and repaired to full working order and is in excellent condition. If you’re buying this monitor, you probably have speakers anyhow. You can even lower the screen to be pretty much on the desk!

Stay up to date: Reducing the colour settings for Red, Green and Blue within the OSD has helped some people reduce the ghosting artefacts, especially in the cases where the green ghosting problem is apparent.

The results from the tests were again pleasing, with some marked improvement del areas previously needing correction.