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I bought 2 since I have 2 kids so from the looks of the other posts, their batteries went dead, and guess what.. I thought I was doing something wrong so I went to the CD itself After calling three times and going through the waiting”let us transfer you” more waiting”let us transfer you” cycle I wrote them a pretty graphic email. I was looking for info about a flash unit Further, that is what consumer protection is all about.

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It didn’t come with software but I was finally able to get it to work with my old digital camera software. The only way to upload the photos is through the usb cord provided, 753779 it wont work unless the software is downloaded and you have or XP. To ALL of you.

Answered on Jan 26, She dropped it off at my house hoping I could fix it, but I see that this has happened to more than a few customers. I might as well throw away this piece of crap!! Taryn Thu, 12 Jul Could anyone please tell how and where I have to go. Take the batteries out when you aren’t using it. The others all had smaller lens openings with no plastic bubble.


Sakar Digital Concepts 3-in-1 Start Up Kit Overview – CNET

Wow, I purchased the 5. I was hoping to find a solution for that on here. Quionna Minter Wed, 19 Dec They said the software does not support Vista. WT Wed, 13 May Articles Forums Latest Search Wiki.

As far as the disposable cameras are concerned I have bought those in the past, but not only do you have to buy the camera, but then you have to send them in to get them developed. You can bet I will never forgive your company for conceepts boo boo!!! If anyone knows anything about them, please let me know.

I mean, yeah it’s digotal, great. The PhoTags express progam that comes with the digital cameras is not very good, and you really don’t concpts it. Enweis, what i did was tape a piece of paper on the flash portion so that i can take self portraits. I grabbed the one with the larger lens opening and plastic bubble over the lens, and took it home and it has been taking good indoor pictures, the lighting looks natural and it will take lower light pictures o.


Crystal pistal Thu, 16 Apr How do you contact Sakar or Digital Concepts. It would take weeks to look through all those results and you would most likely only find a site with no support.

FREE: Sakar 75379 Digital Concepts VGA Camera (Great Beginner’s Camera For A Child)

I can take pictures, but that is all. Posted on Feb 27, Be the first to answer. Hey, you get what you pay for!!! I am pretty ticked off about this too.

Cass Fri, 23 Nov Digitak on Digktal 26, Be the first to answer. I guess the little yellow insert which says ‘please do not return to the store if any problem with the camera’ should have been a warning; but I didn’t know until I opened the thing.

What was I thinking? It’s no canon slr but it does good.