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You will probably get an unsupported operating system error. Unfortunately it corrupted some files when the GPU went out. I purchased the following model of hp in april recently this is also effected by the similar problem with little variation. The white screen could indicate bad connection between the video cable and LCD screen. Today I show how to fix a known video problem on some HP laptops using bubble wrap. Start the laptop and configure it to output video on the external monitor or even better on both internal and external monitors. Rose January 10,

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Series EC and EC Sprinklers

Viddo more and get your videl back like me. Walter October 24, I explained how to reheat just the GPU in the following post. In some cases it is video chips but certainly not all, also unlike other companies we have the ability under high powered microscopes to jump from one pad or trace to another, when there is a short on the board. Not sure how long it will last but gives me an opportunity to back all my stuff up, cheers mate great soloution. This produces what is called a cold solder joint.


If the graphics chip failed, most likely any repair will not last for a long time.

You can tell if the back light is out simply by looking at the laptop screen, powered onin direct sun light. Short version of my story….

How to fix HP video problem

FRank July 30, Screen was blank, but keyboard lights lit up. Brian February 11, One hour 61137 after towel wrapping and cooling off and viola!!

Candi February 6, I am far from a computer genius and found this all very easy. Could the repair man messed something up. Do you think it would last long since i used it about sv time per week and just for running a softphone? Thanks for this info! Thanks cj for a great post!

How to fix HP video problem | Laptop Repair

Removed one RAM chip and got the same results, repeated with the other chip and same results. Then I uninstalled graphic card driver and everithing was ok.


I just tried this on my HP DV and it worked!

I wrapped the computer with 2 nylon bags, a towel on the top and some blankets on the back and bottom. The whole thing started with freezing in videogames.

Is this laptop worth replacing the LCD screen? Message 2 of 2.

Not sure how long it will work but…hey! So I used xcopy command to copy everything from the drive. This could be memory failure.

Tariq December 16, I want to know how to replace the chip. If is stops working, I can try other methods. Do you think it is the same as the problem you described with the HP Nvidia chip?

Could be bad LCD screen. Rohit December 16,