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When you start the Endicia Standard software, you are placed in “Quick Print” mode with your cursor on the “To” address field. Whichever stamps you need, you can find them on the USPS site. The default weight listed was one ounce, but I could have changed this manually or installed the free digital scale via the Tools menu to add the weight automatically. Conclusions I had to do a lot of mousing around to become comfortable with the Stamps. There are 25 label choices, including plain paper, generic labels, and labels from Avery and from Stamps.

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The work area is not totally accessible right out of the box, however. The first few times you print NetStamps it’s a good idea to use a sheet of plain paper to print a sample with voided postage and either verify the job with sighted help or use your OCR software to ensure enndicia printed correctly.

Questions about this item? Please contact 3dcart regarding this issue at Increase productivity, and let the software manage the latest postage requirements.

Scale Integration Endicia software supports a wide variety of integrated scales to help streamline your process. Unfortunately, the list of choices appears in a scroll window with no cursor controls, so I was unable to get to the Outlook option, which was not on the first ecale.

For the rest of us, USPS. If you open a separate Endicia Standard account for the Windows platform, you can print labels without going through the web site.

The “Web Stores” option on the app’s toolbar allows you to import sales and shipping information directly scalee your e-commerce platform.


You can choose to enter a cost code to help organize your expenses. You can have the weight up to five pounds entered automatically via your digital scale and add a signature request, an instructions page endciia Customs information, and optional insurance.

Since I do not sell online, I was not able to put this feature through a real stress test, but there are accessible wizards to walk you through the setup process.

Fields, buttons, and combo boxes are tagged well and easy to complete. There is nothing wrong with the program it integrates and works well with 3dcart.

Thank you for contacting Endicia. You can select your envelope or package type, choose the postage class, purchase insurance, validate addresses, add a reference number, and request delivery or signature confirmation. Interacting with this table and double tapping a contact name added the information in the “To” field perfectly.

Print live postage, with integrated mailing and return ehdicia Integration with existing systems like 3dcart No need for special hardware, printers, or scales.

Endicia Stamps, Postage Meters, Mailing Machines

I started by printing an entire sheet of First Class stamps. I was using Window-Eyes 8. If you plan to use any of the Endicia programs wndicia print stamps, you’ll either need a label printer or simply plan to only print stamps entire sheets at a time. The paid accounts offer 30 days free with sign up, but there is no welcome kit with sample labels.

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A screen read revealed an “Address Book” icon near the top, but when I used my mouse cursor to try to locate it, everything went silent. For home office workers and business owners with more extensive shipping needs, read on.


I entered “25,” which is the number of stamp labels on a single sheet. Otherwise, I don’t recommend the use of Endicia Standard.

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If your printer jams or you have some other problem, you are allowed one free reprint. This might make sense if you’re using Endicia’s free services described later in this review, but you will still have to purchase postage for each account separately.

Consider placing an order for a collection of stamps of various denominations and adding a free Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes Variety Pack, so you don’t have to worry about calculating size and weight. Also, if you print on plain paper, you will need help folding or cutting away the blank part of the page so you can tape the label to your package.

Be the first to ask here. The form only offers fields to select and answer one question. You can choose a mail class First Class, Priority, etc.

Other options include adding a reference number and requesting alerts for both yourself and for the recipient. To use a laser or inkjet printer, you’ll need to purchase stamp label sheets from the Endicia store.

The only way to limit the number of stamps you print is to tick off the ones you don’t want to print by clicking your mouse on an image of the stamp label sheet, which is completely inaccessible.