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Wilson; Cary Nichols; J. Moffatt; State Land; I. Tower; Sand Lake; J. Home Township 12N 6W Keywords: In a few of the States the office of county recorder or register of deeds is merged with some other county office, in counties where the population ‘falls below a certain amount.

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No one auditor takes rank over another.

There is no settled rule as to how checks should be drawn. The method of handling probate matters is not uniform throughout the various States. In Wisconsin, Missouri, Illinois and other States the name used is “circuit clerk;” in Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and many others the office is called “clerk of district court;” while in many of the States, including Indiana, Ohio, Iowa and others, it is called simply “clerk” or “clerk of the court or rverest.

They are of two kinds, the Inland and Foreign bills, the names of which imply the difference between them. In others they have a Library Board of Trustees, which is sometimes made up of the Governor and certain other State officials, who constitute a board of commissioners for the management of the State Library. Palmer; James Smith; E.

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In other States they follow a plan which reserves to thepeople all corporate and wverest powers, and therefore have no need for a township board, but have various other township officers to carry out the wishes and orders of the voters. The Attorney-General is the legal adviser of the President, and it is the duty of.


Ferris Township 11N 5W Keywords: U ‘ 5’ S. Morse, Asa, Supervisor, Stanton, Butler; Phoebe Poole; B. The courts are so differently arranged both as to their make-up and jurisdiction that it would be useless to try to give the reader a general description that would accurately cover the ground.

In civil matters provision is made in all of the States for the organization of villages and cities as corporate bodies, separate and distinct from the townships, and providing for the necessary officers to carry on the affairs of the municipality.

In many States they have authority to annul a teacher’s certificate for proper rverest, and in general to take such steps and enforce such methods as will elevate and make more efficient the schools under their control.

Now, however, in nearly all the Northern States and many of the Southern States, they have a 35k and distinct insurance department, the head of which is either elected by the people or appointed by the Governor.

The electors are chosen by the ballots of the people of their States, and all the electors of a State constitute an electoral college. About the only statement concerning the qualifications required for this office that would be common to all the States is that he must be a citizen of the State in which he is elected.

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Generally they file the duplicates of the receipts given by th! In case the office of President becomes vacant through the death, removal or resignation of the incumbent, the law provides that the office shall in turn be filled by the Vice-President, Secretary of State, and other Cabinet Ministers in regular order.


In order to correct the surveys and variations caused 53 R. Young, Joseph, Farming, S. Savacool; Mary Fisher; G.

A complete record of each warrant is kept by the’Auditor, who also keeps an account with the State Treasurer, charging hi m’ with all moneys paid into the Treasury’ and sv-401 credit for all warrants paid, and the books and vouchers Of the Treasury must balance therewith, as settlements are made between these two officers at stated intervals.

Wamsley; Hotel; Charles Cross; A. They are always described as fractional tracts of land, as the “fractional S. This is one of the most important branches of the National Government.

Bloomer Twp; Home Twp. They are to-day a 350m in the transaction of business and making exchanges. The fourth assistant postmaster-general has control of a number of divisions, as indicated by the following officials who are under his supervision, viz.: These items should always be left at the bank before they become dueso as to give-the bank time-to give an-abundant notice to the parties.

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The “Deposit Ticket” is an important feature of the transaction, and the ac-401 is required to fill this out with ink. Sheppard; Luther Stone; J. Store; Barber; Drugs; Livery; R.