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So putting all that together, I reasoned that if the EyeTV Diversity does what is says it can do with weak signal strength and the real possibility of having it work on the HTPC too, not to mention its also a dual tuner when not in diversity mode it seemed like a clear winner. Andrew September 8, at 1: They are tiny, so switching to my rooftop antenna did the trick and pretty quickly i had 2 channels showing on my Macbook. Partial Using Plugin [f 18]. So I looks like we wont be watching TV in bed after all at least not without an antenna cable running into the room. Many DVRs, as seen above, can use multiple tuners.

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Essential PC Links ffdshow tryouts – The 1 codec pack to rule them all!

MEDIA – Elgato – EyeTV DTT Deluxe Drivers Download

October 16, at 1: List of digital television deployments by country. For the uninitiated, to get this to work properly, we need to force an ‘incompatible’ driver to install. GPL Formerly Proprietary 7.

The first driver I tried was the Terratec Cinergy Diversity. However with the tuner and drivers uninstalled, media center feels much more responsive – but obviously I can’t watch tv! Hey, thanks very much for this,working great in windows 7 bootcamped: I’ve got exactly the same set up, and I’ve down got a sore head from banging it against the wall. Retrieved 14 October Thanks September 29, at 7: High quality television application widows use with video capture cards on Linux systems.


MP2 Spring ’16 6 April [4]. Mc seems to be eating ram up to mb but I’d imagine it should be better than this on this hardware! Is it something that still applies to me being in Sweden? You may need to use WinRAR or some other similar tool to extract the drivers out of the file you downloaded if for example the drivers come etetv their own.

August 29, at Using additional tuners requires registry modifications. Yes with former purchased license.

Tried Cynergy but cannot get tuner software to work. In the case of the Pinnacle drivers they come in a basic Zip file so they just extract out nicely to any folder you specify. I have done this in the past for Logitech webcams that weren’t supported in Vista 64bit. Go to my blog for more help with the EyeTV Hybrid read the second blog. November 21, at 4: While Snapstream is widows minor fixes for Beyond TV, they are no longer actively updating and developing the software as they are focusing on commercial applications.


Click the ‘Browse’ button and point it to the extracted drivers you have previously widows. Record and read any DVB flux with a lot of plugins.

How to make Elgato Eyetv Hybrid work on Windows XP/Vista/7 – 32bit or 64bit | MacRumors Forums

Search windos e to find the drivers I used. Caffeine – Don’t let your Mac fall asleep. If you type ‘Google’, into Google, you can break the internet, so please, no one try it, even for a joke.

I figured I windoas prepared to pay RRP if they were willing to let me return it if the Diversity doesn’t live up to the hype. On the next Window click on ‘Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer’. Any experience out there?

Installing EyeTV and updating it was a doddle, just like most Apple software. Bundled for no extra charge egetv all Elgato USB tuners, but also sold separately for use with other tuners. Well the drivers for the IR are also available within the driver. Yes; also respects “do not record” flag.