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Copying on Heavyweight Paper This section describes how to make copies on heavyweight paper. Stapler tray Stapled paper is delivered to this tray. Doing so might cause the machine to malfunction or paper to jam. This is called the Build Job feature. Enter a 3-digit No.

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When Salutation is used, set to Enabled. When removing jammed paper, images are sometimes transferred to the transfer belt pc film belt on the machine body inside the top left cover.

This feature allows you to make a large-size poster by pasting together the copies spread over multiple sheets. Page Making Copies on Non- standard Size Paper This section describes how to make copies on non-standard size paper. Connect the power plug only to a properly rated power outlet.

Initial Checks If you think some trouble is occurring on the machine, check the machine status again. Select Output Color in the Basic Copying screen.

Following describes how to output documents stored to memory by the Print at Specified Time feature not at the specified time but when you want to output them immediately. Select the Yes button in the pcp screen. Making copies shifted by a desired amount Making copies shifted to the center The machine cannot be used while it is warming up.


Load the paper c4400 the cover in one of trays 1 to 4. Initialize Hard Disk This feature initializes data on hard disk.

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If paper is torn, check for any torn pieces of paper inside the machine. The document starts to be scanned, and copies are output in the way you specified. The Enter Password screen is also displayed when the totals management feature is active. Goods Guidance Stored Date: The machine is ready c00 make copies about 45 seconds after the power is switched on. Documentcentre c seriesDocumentcentre c series.

Adjusting Color Balance – Color Balance 3. Remove any clips or staples attached to documents. If you press the User Mode button, you can make copies or scan documents in the System Administration Mode.

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This unlocks the drum cartridge gx so that the four drum cartridges can be accessed. Trays 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Bypass can be set. No Shift Finisher Tray So is there a problem with Adobe Reader? Select Exit to exit the System Administration Mode.


Do not try to alter the machine configuration or modify any parts. If you make multiple copies when the Build Job feature is set, a sample copy is printed out beforehand so that you can confirm the final output state of the copy. Procedure Press Job Status.

Enter the number of copies using the numeric keypad, and press Start. The drum cartridge is depleted or Replace with a new drum cartridge. The following example shows how to change Bond.

To make copies for distribution, MB Memory kit must be installed. After completing this form, detach and send it to the address below.