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About This Reference Instead, you should use that money to buy a power surge protector for your home-network devices since lighting and power surges are the two most common causes of damage for this type of equipment. Once the modem is activated, just connect its network port to the WAN internet port of a modem and you have a “gateway. I wish we could all BILL them for our time and frustration! If you have a small home, all you have to do is connect the new AP to one of the existing gateway’s LAN port. Getting Things Started

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My personal favorites are those from Asus and Synology.

Recalibrating The Battery ies Even if the free is not an issue, having your own modem brings about other advantages. So if you really want to make sure you’re always connected to the world, get a second used modem as a spare.


Using The Windows Search Utility Gateway Web Site Maximizing Battery Md6436 If so you will need phone-capable modem which is typically a bit more expensive. Conserving Battery Power Opening A Document Editing Track Information Dong Ngo Before DongKnows. Starting Your Notebook There are also no moving parts inside modems most of them don’t even have ventilation fans.

Establishing Your Ethernet Network Connection Changing The Power Plan Using The Keyboard System Key Combinations Editing Your Video Prepare To Recover Removing A Memory Card Using Help And Support Touchpad Or Pointing Device Cable modems are simple devices, and once set up, they remain in one place. Using A Port Replicator Adding Or Replacing Memory Modules Using A Cd Or Dvd Using The Status Indicators I have gqteway comcast gateway modem.

Recovering Your System Your name or email address: Since gateways and modem routers combine the functionality of a modem and a router, only one device is required to achieve the same result. Adjusting The Screen Resolution Get one that’s capable of delivering at least the speed of the broadband data plan to which you subscribe.


A modem can only connect a single device to the internet. You get nothing extra paying more for a more expensive modem.

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