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You need to specify settings as described below. Create volume type and volume key. Create a volume from a snapshot. Integer Timeout until a resource lock is released, in seconds. OpenStack is not just strategic for our customers — it is strategic to the evolution of the data center.

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Create a storage device account belonging to the Administrator User Group. Hitachi only supports 32 characters of summary sometimes called the title or nickname field hitavhi volumes.

To use multiple storage devices, create the same account name for all the target storage devices, and specify the same resource group and permissions.

Create, list, and delete volume snapshots. We also participate in performance and reliability assessment and development of tools for Linux and open source middleware. Create volume type and volume key. Specify any identical volume type name and volume key. Create a command device In-Bandand set user authentication to ON.

To use the Thin Image function, create a pool for Thin Image. Use the auunitaddauto command to register the unit name and controller of the storage device to HSNM2.

Hitachi storage volume driver – OpenStack Configuration Reference – juno

As the technology evangelist at HDS, Greg Knieriemen has the visibility to our broad current offerings as well as the ability to influence our future direction. Copy a volume to an image. His reflections on OpenStack: Our mission is to enable any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standard hardware.


What does this ultimately mean? Restrictions and limitations HBSD drivers have the following restrictions and limitations: See all OpenStack Legal Documents. In addition to becoming a member of the OpenStack foundation, we also have Cinder volume driver for Hitachi Unified Storage platform. Copy an image to a volume.

Block Storage Driver for OpenStack – Hitachi Vantara Knowledge

To use the Thin Image function, create a pool for Thin Image. Hitachi hardware can fail volume clone operations if a clone operation is issued by more than one PowerVC management instance. Contact us now Not sure yet? Hitachi storage volume driver.

Creating multiple images from a single volume does not increase the number of cascade thin image copies the controller can support from a volume. Support Requirements and recommendations Restrictions and limitations. OpenStack is a global collaboration of developers and cloud computing technologists producing the ubiquitous open source cloud computing platform for public and private clouds.

Founded by Rackspace Openstakc and NASA, OpenStack has grown to be a global software community of developers collaborating on a standard and massively scalable open source cloud operating system. Refer to Hitachi documentation to determine the number of cascade thin image copies your Hitachi storage controller can support from a single volume.


Block Storage Driver for OpenStack

The value must be between 0 and To confirm the created volume typeplease execute the following command:. As a chief technologist for the HDS Intelligent Platforms hitachk, I collaborate closely with various teams to define near term and longterm goals for OpenStack and how it fits with our overall infrastructure cloud vision.

We continue to work on expanding our support to a broader set of OpenStack components.

Specify any identical volume type name and volume key. Connect the ports at the storage to the controller node and compute nodes.

Hitachi storage volume driver

The number of supported cascade thin image copies limits the number of possible parallel deployments from a single volume. All brand and logo copyrights are owned by the respective owners. As we embark our journey in this space, we look forward to continue to contribute to the community and collaborate with fellow members of the OpenStack Foundation.