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You should now see a second drop down box “Video Source” that shows different camera inputs to choose from. What anti-spyware programs are you using? GeoVision is continuously updating their GV-System software to bring you the latest and most advanced video security features on the market today. Star Imavision Video Capture 2. Another odd thing, seeing as the audio is not implemented on this card I decided to try and disable the item in Device Manager, as it was of no use every time I tried that it BSOD. I wil keep coming back for sure.

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It is important to not restart your computer at this point. Don’t you think that there is a little advantage of manufacturing your own cards and designing the software with both set of engenieers right next to eachother?

DriverIdentifier – The most simple & easy driver updating tool.

These may be bootleg versions and there is no support available for them. Please register, and get one.

Ok, so this post don’t take over the entire forum, let’s just narrow it down to GEO, since that’s who you are askin about. For some systems, it may not be possible to get the software to work at all. On the product itself, it can often be found on the bottom of the unit, near imvision “StarTech. I can understand that that adds price to the card but many “expensive” cards don’t have that built in as well.


Reasons for your score: I wil keep coming back for sure.

Products from IMAVISION

Here are some of the software programs more geared towards surveillance, I have tested all of these with an Argus Card Bt The video quality seems fine, and it has been running for 12 hours without a hitch, to be honest, I don’t have much faith in it as it was really cheap, the supplied software is a pile of junk IMHO, but as I said, it was cheap so I devife expected a bit of a ‘battle’ to get it working.

Might seem simple to most, but it perplexed me for ages. Dec 276: Choose ‘Close’ to terminate the application. One more thing, did you know that the cards that geo uses are not manufactured by them?

Your program will now find the ‘Key’ on the card, and it will work. You may want to virus-check your system with one of the following free tools: Have you defragged your hard drive? There is a possible clue for why this maybe if you read fully the information in http: And check this out for more info on capture cards and stuff: Another Wndows mystery unsolved. So if you don’t want the drivers you have to keep cancelling out the Add New Hardware Wizard.


Star Imavision Video Capture C It says “security key not found”. In the computer age there are only like major hardware factories that build the components for ALL other companies geo, magic radar, kodi, ati, nvidia, etcusually hardware quality isn’t that much of an issue, it’s more of the original hardware design. See the ‘ section below for details.

Star Imavision Video Capture Driver Download

Note that you cannot view more than one camera at a time with the application. The company that sold me this kit said I videk load the drivers because, if I did, the card wouldn’t work.

What does this mean? It is buggy and hard to install.

Driver download

Star Imavision Video Capture 2. Also did you use the btspy software that creates the text file? Here follows some notes we have concerning the Bootleg Version 1.

This version of Pico does not require a key for activation. I hope all this is useful to somebody.