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What’s in the box: Anything that was too small was easily selected with the track pad built into the keyboard cover or with the stylus. CCI offers a day money-back satisfaction guarantee. So what are you waiting for? After inventing looping nearly three decades ago, DigiTechSpecifications: I found the Surface easy to use in selecting the various functions on the console with the touch screen.

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Designed to run on a laptop or desktop computer, the Vista App looks and works in exactly the same way as the console, all thats missing is the desk itself! Of course, you could always use an external monitor, but this defeats some of the practicality dingle having a small computer package to run Jands Vista.

Designed to run on a laptop or desktop computer, the Vista App looks and works in exactly the same way as the console.

Because of the compact size of the Surface Tablet screen, there will be times when you will be zooming in to read the Vista menus because they can be a bit small, but as you learn the software this becomes less vongle an issue. Once you have the software up and running on the Surface Tablet, it operates exactly like all of Jands’ other console systems, the only exception is that the Surface Tablet is a touch-sensitive tablet so anything that you might do with a mouse can be done with your fingers or with a stylus.

Again, you could add an additional monitor and mouse, if you desired, to take care of this, but at the expense of the touch screen, unless you added a touch monitor.


It also had a super fine resolution when using the included stylus. All that’s missing is the desk itself. Skip to main content. For more information and reproduction guidelines please contact us at or info churchproduction.

You can also use the Surface Tablet with other console configurations as a networked backup console. E-mail this product page to a friend. Give your computer the power of a lighting controller jxnds this channel dongle!

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This means that you can only move or select one thing at a time. What’s in the box: Call for details on the discounts available for your Hawaii and Alaska orders.

Since the Surface Tablet is running Windows 8. I think the keyboard cover and docking station are great additions to the system and, personally, I wouldn’t want to use it without both. Shipping charges apply to items in your shopping cart that are not specified as “Free Shipping”.

About Us Subscribe Editorial Advertise. Product shown in image is for illustrative purposes only. After inventing looping nearly three decades ago, DigiTechSpecifications: The touch screen on the Surface tablet is very responsive; I found that it didn’t have any lag and was very accurate when using my fingers.

When we developed the PDS looper pedal over twenty years ago,…. While the Surface Tablet has plenty of processing power to operate a couple of universes of lights, the biggest issue I see with this is screen space. Some exclusions apply see more details here.


Jands Vista Vista UD USB DMX Interface (Must Buy Seperate CH DONGLE) | eBay

Donlge offers a day money-back satisfaction guarantee. Since the Jands Vista software allows you to size the icons to your liking, I was able to make the icons large enough that they dongel easy to select by touch, but still small enough that I could get a comfortable amount of icons on the screen at the same time.

Copyright c Production Media, Inc. I really liked the touch screen feature of the Surface Tablet and found that for the dozens of fixtures I was using to test the system, it made selection and parameter changes of the fixtures fast and easy.

Jands JAVISTAC512 Vista 512 Channel Dongle

Expert Product Help e-mail info ccisolutions. Overall, I think this is a strong donlge package. While the docking station does add a bit of extra size, it gives you a stand, an Ethernet port, three USB 3. See more here Questions:. To make it as easy as possible for you to design your shows whenever and wherever you are, Jands offers a software-only version of the Vista.

It also looks great; it is bright and has excellent color and fine ush.