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Thanks in advance, Nic. The following is the single user test environment, but it doe’nt matter as one should scale with multiple users not with single user. In addition to supporting the standard JDBC application programming interfaces APIs , Oracle drivers have extensions to support Oracle-specific data types and to enhance performance. I myself would much prefer to use the thin client. This link describes more on Programming and comparison to ProC concepts. ORCL”, “scott”, “tiger” ; con. Our web application uses Servlets and JSPs we do not use applets , which are housed in a Tomcat engine.

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It should not increase maintenance issues at all instead of upgrading the thin jdbc drivers you would upgrade the Oracle8 client software which has the jdbc drivers in it.

What we are wondering is why the imbalanced connections, is it because the thin client does not have logic to determine if the node is overwhelmed and direct the connection to the not overwhelmed nodes. DML returning enables you to retrieve auto-generated keys along with other columns or values that your application may use. Therefore, an applet can connect only to databases on tnin originating computer.

I myself would much prefer to use the thin client.

Oracle Database 10 g release 2 Hi Tom, great explanations – thanks. Also, jdbf would require to change if I do that – For eg.


Java Programming with Oracle JDBC by Donald Bales

Environments and Support This section provides a brief discussion of the following topics: It would be good to consolidate the “debunking” into a single site.

Post as a guest Name. There is a third approach, TNSNames, which can be used if configured in the file tnsnames. This feature enables applications to decide whether the ResultSet objects should be open or closed, when an implicit or explicit commit operation is performed.

1 Introducing JDBC

Thanks in advance, Nic. LOB binding is very slow and requires many round trips. OCI vs Thin October 12, – 1: And the extra clarifications can probably be added to your answer later on. Would OCI help in this case? They are different pieces of code and you may find some behaviour between the two to be different.

This section gives an overview of these enhancements. It’s probably also worth mentioning that because the thin driver doesn’t use Net8, you can’t do any of the things you would normally be able to do by setting a sqlnet.

Your Attention please Mr. I made it multi-user, just to show — just to prove jxbc once and for thjn that using statements is a bad bad idea. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

JDBC – Oracle FAQ

Server-side internal driver It is used for code that runs on the database server and accesses the same session. When any one of our nodes experiences high CPU consumption, It appears as if Websphere routes most of the connections to this node causing the CPU to max out.


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Oracle JDBC drivers implement the standard java. What do you recommend for a average OLTP system, is it still ‘old rule’ use oci as it’s native or is thin so much improved now? Hi Tom, I love your response above. In particular, Oracle Database 10 g release 2 I was asking if you have any link that would describe differences in terms of all settings we need configure both on application side and server side. First, I modified your program to execute the test using 4 different possible scenarios for inserting data.

Any good to read links would be great. To package and deploy an applet, you must place the JDBC Thin driver classes and the applet classes in the same. In Oracle WebLogic Server Email Required, but never shown.