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ES key action seems to be faster for me but I was worry it was unrealistically lighter than acoustic pianos. You can sustain selected notes, while other notes remain unaffected. It does the same on the stand or on the floor. Quote In any case, the main alternative, USB, is also serial, so i didn’t quite get your point. I didn’t feel anything like that on Yamaha’s grand or upright B3. And you can also have drivers ussues:

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Copy to a floppy disk and use this newly created style kzwai disk as you would the original disk. Hello Florian, Thank you posting the video.

Kawai announces ES ultra-portable digital piano [ Re: Contains the supplement materials originally included on Floppy Disk with the KS. The Rim position with a seiral of microphones at the side of the piano to give more of a soloist playing with a piano perspective.

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ES8 opening by EVC That is a very subjective question, but in my opinion it is incorrect. Then connecting two synthesizers or keyboards through USB is generally not possible. Kawai specializes in pianos. CP Update Version 1.

Finding piano pieces by Arnes. The Q80 uses his own data and disk format.


Originally Posted by Dommie. I think ES action seriial a little bit stiffer, not heavier or lighter, but more straight-down without so much bounce-balance when the key is pressed at half.

Sympathetic Resonance controls the volume of the sympathetic resonance effect. Can connecting the Kawai to something like Garageband provide the instruments and recording functionality of the DGX?

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Nowadays the size of ROM gives no seria of the sound quality anymore. Does anyone know if the ES has two or three key sensors? The velocity Sensitivity controls the volume curve, so how easily you get to a high volume, but the lowest and highest volumes stays the same.

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If you want a piano that sings the harmonics, you can add a little more of that effect. I also tested two index finger hitting a key as fast as I could. I’ve always liked the GHS action myself, but on Yamaha’s that have been around a few years, such as my P35, the action is noisy and a bit imprecise, whereas the new models are quieter with less side to side motion. This superb grand has changed my mind! It may give you more rich piano sound but I didn’t feel it much.

Explanation of how to create a K-1 multi patch for use as a sequencing template.

MIDIbox-to-COM Interface

ES key action seems to be faster for me but I was worry it was unrealistically lighter than acoustic pianos. No USB to Device. I shall pass this useful footage on to my colleagues, and request that they investigate the cause of this issue. If you lower the buffer or simply want to be light on CPU, then increase or lower this value. I’m using the old Q and have many disks with my music.


The action is as heavy as the ES, a bit lighter than Yamaha or Roland I think but I really prefer actions on the light side because it gets you more speed and srrial tiredness on many hours seria playing as also give you more fun on fast playing such as hammond, fast strings and bass sounds. As a result you cannot hear any switches within the velocity range and you get an excellent control of the dynamics.

I compared them right next to each other with the sound off, and the P45 was quieter, and to me felt nicer. Contains updated style convert modules including Yamaha and 5 new styles. Please read the instructions in the included read me file.