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Table of contents About This Manual Chapter 4 – Appendix Cleaning the Printer We recommend that this printer be cleaned periodically to ensure satisfactory long term operation. Kimoplate e2 Ecological Approach and Economical Choice. If an ink cartridge has become dislodged from the holder, an ink cartridge change error will occur. This allows printing Kimoplate e2 plates from any client computer on the network. Click Next, and the installation will begin.

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Exchanging Ink Cartridges Page 6 Tips for Special Case for Windows Properties in the displayed dialog box. The Kimosetter has encountered an error with its media feed motor. Printer Cannot Be Installed.

The Ink Cartridge is unsuitable or missing. Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting Printing is not working or is extremely slow Is the free space on the hard disk fragmented?

Kimosetter Computer to Plate Printer

February 26th, Try not to smear the face of the sticker. Insert the Installation Disc.

Refer all servicing on those compartments to. This allows printing Kimoplate e2 plates from any client computer on the network.


Kimoto Kimosetter 340 Manuals

Check the pfinter cord connection. Introduction Chapter 5 – Troubleshooting Introduction Refer to this chapter to resolve any trouble you may face while using your printer. Inside The Printer Inside the Printer Marking sticker black and silver This sticker is used for the that the cartridge to confirm carriage is in the standard position.

Problems With Ink Cartridges Problems with ink cartridges. It holds up the 20 sheets of Kimoplate e at once. Refer to your computer’s reference manual for the instructions. If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, indicating a need for service. Slots and openings on the cabinet and the back or bottom are provided for ventilation.

Chapter 1 Major Functions And Operations Chapter 4 Appendix Kimosetter driver may differ slightly from one application to another.

DaKan Graphix – Kimoto Kimosetter & Kimoplate e2 Computer-to-Plate Solution

The Media Size and Printable Area To create a new media size, enter a new name, media height, and media width, then click Add. This product should never be placed near or over a. Printer rear View Open the front cover Open the front cover by pushing the front cover release button. With AT compatible computers, prinrer typical cables will work.


Clean the transport rollers.

Chapter 4 – Appendix Cleaning the Print Head Follow the steps below, using ethyl alcohol and a cotton bud. When more than one Kimosetter printer is connected, select the device rpinter for the printer you want to use.

Page This print job cannot be completed.

Clean up your files and defragment printfr disk by periodically using a defragment utility. Kimoplate e2 Ecological Approach and Economical Choice.

Use a soft brush to brush away dirt and dust. Make sure that the cable is not bent excessively. Turning Off The Power