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To change the registered content in a group: Copying Using Memory continued When completed, the Basic Screen for the current printing job will be restored. Normal duplex copies Top bind: Check to be sure main power switch is ON. The copier returns to the OFF condition and copying is again disabled. Selecting Paper Size To select an appropriate paper size for getting your desired copy result, use APS Automatic Paper Selection , or select paper size manually on the touch screen, as required. Select additional copying features, as desired.

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Setting Scan Transmission Function Environment Setup continued The [Scan transmission setting] key appears in the window only when the optional Printer Controller is installed in the machine.

Requirements for Safe Use continued Unit: To Scan Originals into Memory Store Mode Store mode allows you to scan all the originals first, then to start continuous Copying Operations printing job. Enter your image data password from the touch screen keypad. Use arrow keys to scroll to the desired wide size, then specify the precisedimensions of paper to be used, following the procedure below.

Special Original Section 8: Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

This is a convenient and cost effective way of viewing the results of the following copying selections. Page 61 Loading Paper continued Place paper monolta the tray with the curl side turning up. This setting is required to obtain copy results as expected when making double-sided copies minklta binding position specified or when staple position is specified.


Follow the procedure below to replace the staple cartridge. Page Inserting a New Staple Cartridge into FS Finisher continued Remove the lock tape from the cartridge, then close the bottom of the housing.

Konica Minolta 7255 Instruction Manual

Open the bottom of the cartridge housing while pressing two locks on both sides, then remove the empty cartridge from the cartridge housing. Contact your service representative and report the condition and code No.

Loading Paper continued Place paper on the tray with the curl side turning up.

Turn OFF the main power switch. Page Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual.

Positioning Originals continued Positioning originals in Z-Folded original mode Z-Folded original mode detects the folded original size without using the size detection sensor of the RADF. Display the password list on the screen, or delete the image data JOB by deleting the corresponding password from the list. Trouble- shooting Call for Touch Copying Operations to return to the previous page.

Page Interrupt Copying continued Set copy conditions, as desired. Interrupt Copying continued Set copy conditions, as desired. Storing Job Conditions job Memory: Setting Print Quantity This section describes how to set or change print quantity.


In this mode, use Proof copy to produce a sample of the copied set before making multiple copies. Touch SET after each entry to move to the next key.

Contents continued Safety Information Section 5: Caution Labels and Indicators continued Safety Information The shift tray moves to and fro while printing. Originals on platen glass: This function is available only when the optional HDD is installed in the machine.


For details of the E-Mail Transmission Setting, refer to p. Function Environment Setup continued Enter the following items to register a new E. Page Copying Image in the Centre of Copy Paper AUTO Layout Use this function to detect the image area of the original and centre the whole image on the copy paper making it easy to copy small pieces of paper. Page [13] Memory Switch Setting continued [6] Initial by Key counter insert Set the machine to return to the initial state when Key counter is inserted.