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If the indicator is green the communication is ok. Clearing the task is not required, but it does periodically abort the boolean driver thus releasing any resources the task reserved and avoiding unnecessary memory allocation. If it is red, something is wrong: This blog will not review all driver possibilities. You can also set timeout values to adjust the time that LabVIEW will wait for feedback before erroring.

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Read the white paper labbview how the Scan Interface programming mode works. Right-click on the terminal in the block diagram that is to be connected to fielepoint proper item on the OPC server.

See below for an example of a reusable digital input driver that accepts one global channel and clears the task when it’s finishing.

FP drivers can access all channels in a module in order from low to high using the “All” tag.

Figure 2 shows the same code from Figure 1 but with the FP Read. Figure 1 shows the block diagram of an example Compact FieldPoint application.

NI-Fieldpoint Support – National Instruments

For both VIs, users can loop-in an error wire. The methods are equally simple to use. For a single channel, a path string into your FP driver will link through each hierarchical folder to arrive at your channel. Both methods are described in the following.


NI-FieldPoint Driver Software – National Instruments

The following comparison table shows some of the primary features and capabilities of the two product lines and the maximum specifications that are available in each:. Thermocouples read temperature by using a differential voltage signal across two wires of dissimilar metals.

The fieldpoibt is a sinking digital output module with a maximum current drive of 16 A, whereas the NI is a sourcing digital output module with a maximum current drive of 8 A. The Type input to the FP Read function is used to define the data type here double floating point number.

If your FP channel expects a mA analog signal, your cDAQ channel must be compatible with that range configuration. Find out how we replaced Fieldpoint modules with DAQmx modules for a customer: Back to Top 3.

Browse pricing and specifications for CompactRIO controllers. Finn Haugen finn techteach.

You should select your chassis based on the communication abilities and available ports on your PC. Rate this document Select a Rating 1 – Poor 2 3 4 5 – Excellent.

FieldPoint and Compact FieldPoint

Here, we look at analog and digital inputs and outputs along with a special type fielepoint analog input: FP User Manual October 28, This passes in the FP data lsbview channel 0 to channel 7 as a single task. This document does not cover using FieldPoint for such embedded control. The FP module does not contain a micro processor, only AD- and DA converters and electronics implementing the serial communication.


FieldPoint can be used with e. Compact FieldPoint Ethernet Interface. The OPC server contains one item or tag for each of the channels configured in FieldPoint Explorer and the present value of the item.

When looking for a cDAQ chassis to replace your Fieldpoint controller, consider the following: If it is red, something is wrong: Upgrading from Fieldpoint to CompactDAQ modules can be a rewarding and worthwhile process for the success and longevity of any system. However, significant hardware and software differences between CompactDAQ and Fieldpoint modules can complicate upgrades, requiring a complete driver rewrite and complex hardware decisions.

Figure 1 below shows the Laabview rack at TechTeach’s disposal. Instead of using FP Read.