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Sexovana Sexovana on December 28, at Audio devices produce two types of surround sound: Obviously, to reassemble the mouse, just follow the above steps in reverse. Between these two buttons is the scroll wheel which gives off a hazy blue or white glow along with the Razer logo at the palm of the mouse.

Razer Lachesis 3g Laser Gaming Mouse

Terms and conditions apply. The Razer Lachesis is the only mouse of the bunch that features a symmetrical ambidextrous design, making it an instant viable option for many left-handed users. It’s a bit unusual to find buttons on both sides of a mouse if you are accustomed to right-hand mice, but Lahcesis suppose you could also learn to use the opposite buttons with your pinky finger for even more usable buttons.

Now that the electronics are separated from the plastic components, get some hot soapy water and dunk the plastic components in. In lachesi space of a morning, the grip came loose again, the middle mouse click no longer registered, and the left click was alternating between not working at all or clicking several times every press. Using multiple speakers in a system or multiple audio drivers in each ear cup of the headset, positioned at different angles, discrete surround sound lets gamers hear audio in realistic 3-dimensions as they would in real life.


Customize the look of the Razer Lachesis however you want. Price as of writing: Be careful when scrubbing at the bits with the rubber coating — this can wear away if placed under too much pressure. Despite the weird tracking issue mentioned above, I simply couldn’t get used to the ambidextrous design and noticed my wrist would begin to ache after extended use, whereas an ergonomic right-hand mouse didn’t give me that kind of problem.

Leave mous Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here On Saturday, however, the proverbial fecal matter hit the fan. I found using the Lachesis to be a mixed bag.

Fixing and cleaning the Razer Lachesis | Safe from Boredom

The Lachesis uses a seven foot long non-tangle cord with a gold-plated USB connector, which should give you plenty of flexibility. Razer’s website uses cookies. User Comments Got something to say?

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The upper surface of the mouse feels really nice and it slides around effortlessly on my mouse pad. See Razer Tiamat 7.

Notify me of new comments via email. Razer has pulled out all the stops with the Lachesis, making use of a DPI 3G laser sensor lschesis Hz ultrapolling. Tracking was very accurate on my RevolTec gaming mat as was to be expected, but I did run into a slight issue.

First one that comes to mind is the durability of the microswitches used. At this point you can superglue the mouse wheel grip more securely to the wheel — just make sure to give it enough time to cure before laxhesis to reassemble.

The left and right click buttons are one solid piece with the top of the mouse which makes for an awesome look.

Razer Lachesis 3g Laser Gaming Mouse | eBay

lachsis Perhaps I could get used to this over the course of a few months. Discrete surround sound makes for immersive gameplay as it accurately represents how your character perceives the audio of the game world.

You also may want to remove the rubber grip from the mouse wheel if you want to re-secure it.