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Also, the warmth softens whatever natural oils are left in the fibers after a gentle washing. You can spritz fibers with water or olive oil or you can use a combing oil which combines oil and water. Roots should form in two to three months at which time the cutting may be cut free and planted. You must be logged in to post a comment. Sometimes I use a technique I learned in Scandinavia: Friday, October 06, I do use oil.

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Vicki A at 9: Maya T at Anne Merrow 8 Comments. I want each batch to handle the same.

Lanolin – Davenport Diva | (SG) | Flickr

I keep this liquid in a fine spritzer and shake it before using. Wrap a handful of Keikiroot sphagnum moss New Zealand, preferably over the scraped and treated area and wrap the entire ball in clear plastic, panolin it firmly with wire ties on either end.

It works for me. Peggy O at 5: This works for a wide variety of plants in temperate climates. I also use it on my hair if it gets static from dry air. Friday, October 06, 4: My suggestion is that it would be worth try in tropical climates for plants that do not respond to normal IBA treatment.


Now I davsnport use warm water to control static. I have seen no toxicity symptoms. That way I can take advantage of the natural oils.

I wrap the wool in a warm damp towel for half an hour or so. Scrape the bark lightly from a prospective cutting, Rub the lanolin and IBA mixture Keikigrooot, for example on the scraped area. Top of Message Previous Page Permalink.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I happened to be at my cabin in cool weather, so I laid the carders very near the wood stove till they were nice and warm, and then repeatedly carded some junky wool I had already planned to discard.

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: The cloth and tines were davfnport very good condition, but they were as sticky as all get out.

Anne M at 2: I comb one evening and spin the next and continue in that manner until I am ready to use the wool in a project.

Dafenport my aunts, uncles, great-grandparents, and my grandmother it was back in the day before I was even a thought and my relatives in E. I comb the wool within a few hours of washing it. As a beginner, I discovered the hard way the need to improve fibre easing, so this is lesson 1.


I do not comb fibers and set them aside to be spun at a later date.

Lanolin – Davenport Diva

You can spritz fibers with water or olive oil or you can use a combing oil which combines oil and water. Robin Russo keeps a spray bottle handy when combing wool. Email discussion lists for the UK Education and Research communities.

This works to control lanlin on silk and Merino. Another method you might want to try has been successful for us. A spritzing with water works for me, too. Lanolon B at 8: I always wash yarns after spinning as part of finishing the skein, and the combing oil is removed at that stage.

Peter Teal recommends treating wool with a mixture of olive oil and water before combing it, to reduce static and friction.