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Burning a data CD is no problem. Of course, the device is the secondary master, with no secondary client on the IDE bus. The average 3T Pit and Land jitter values reach very high levels, there not being one manufacturer’s media that performed within the 35nsec standard for both Pit and Land jitter, although TDK and Ritek are probably the best choice. No particular media brand managed to stay within the 35ns limit, although with TDK media, the jitter level was acceptable and really only went ove the limit towards the end. The drive also produced errors over a greater area of the disc’s surface than we have come to expect as can be seen from the graph.

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It would probably be safer to use some sort of boot-time utility if Windows or XP is used like disk defragmenters and PartitionMagic use. The drive shows a major problem when switching to the second layer in this test.

As for the defects, while not dvdarm best results we have, seen, the drive seems to bypass defects without any major problems.

HL-DT-ST GSAB Firmware E Download

The panel you see is from the A update. Have gsz-4081b try with any program such as burning CD and antivirus? Data CD Reading Tests.


You are right that more problems can occur if flash under Windows. Or choose door No. I personally haven’t try their DVD firmware loader but tried their Win. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17, The drive had a consistent speed of ul-dt-st. Compared to the other two drives, it is quite a good deal slower.

The application software comes from BHA. The software bundled is developed by Panasonic. On the rear panel we have the lh-dt-st audio gsa-408b1 for connecting to you PC’s sound card, the device configuration pins and jumper, ATAPI interface, and power input. Note that the drive gea-4081b back data errorrs. The average 3T Pit values were just within limits while those for Land jitter were not.

The test was successfully completed, with an average reading speed of 6. The procedure was a simple drag’n drop through Window Explorer afer a quick format of each disc. The 3T Pit Jitter values start off at acceptable levels for all three speeds, but soon rise above the 35ns Red Book limit. The only difference between the TDR and the TDR is that the first includes both defective areas and fingerprints.

You may use these tags: After removing the screws and opening the case, we photographed the internal components of the drive, the photos of which are presented below. Perhaps the following additional informations about my system will help to locate the problem: The instructions are in Korean I think but the flasher itself is English.


LG GSA-4081A

I doubt it will have made any difference though, it just seems to be an LG problem. Usually it also initiates dvdraj flashing for you, complete with all command switches.

For checking the drive’s EFM correction status, we used 3 different game titles with different SafeDisc 2 versions with the latest software patches installed. The best deals on dvdtam, tablets, PCs, gaming and much more! DVD Recording Tests Home Entertainment by Ty Pendlebury Oct 28, In addition, data verification and sector management is carried out during the data writing process. The software used for the measurements hl-td-st KProbe bl-dt-st.

Day on Sat Feb 07, Optical Storage Form Factor. This certainly allows for a more flexible method of working with data when compared to the other formats.

Now I’m stuck with the prediciment of whether I should attempt to update to the newest firmware or not, since there is a newer one now available.