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The SD card slot on the side of the navigator accepts SD cards up to 2 GB, and the navigator will act as a removable disk drive when connected to a computer and will draw power, charging the battery. I love how compact it is and can fit into my pocket when I go hiking. It is a very good GPS for dashboard and handheld navigation. It also has on the water function so that I can use it on my big boat for a back-up. I have the NavTec SD card with the software for boating and fishing on a lake.

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Yes, for off-road and marine use. And the touch screen is one of the best I have seen and used. I bought this aweek ago from Walmart. lowrancd

Then just drag and drop the songs from the location on your computer to the folder on your XOG drive. This feature was added to allow the transfer of user data Address book to a PC or Lowrance device. Can I enter latitude and longitude coordinates into the unit? I can walk straight back to camp if I get stuck or break down.

Show less Show more. This item xkg belong on this page. It does not have voice directions like other GPS units or apps on your smartphone so if that is a feature you need, you may want to choose something else. A notice displays saying that a Navteq update is available. Included with the GPS navigator is sog car power adapter, a USB cable, an adjustable cradle and bracket with a suction cup window mount and adhesive mounting disk, and a built-in rechargeable battery.


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Can’t manually change the route. Not every address or street name is present in the NavTeq database. Show More Show Less. Then enter the latitude and longitude that you wish for your new address. Click here tov view or download the manual! You can also power the device with 4 AA batteries. Stand-by is the default setting for the unit when powering down. So that I can view or edit them. There are other apps you can get for it. Lowranxe Lowrance XOG is well designed and small in size that you can loowrance with your gear, and there are accessories for different mounting needs like the handle bars on a road bike or motorcycle.

If you wanted to take a scenic route and it mapped the fastest route instead, just add a few stops along the scenic route to your trip plan and it will calculate the lpwrance route so that it xob through those stops, which is only possible if it takes the road you want it to. If there is a tone of recognition and the XOG is not displayed as a separate drive in My Computer, there may be a drive conflict.


The Categories Drawn menu option allows you to control the items to be displayed on the map.

Lowrance XOG Automotive Mountable

Why won’t my unit say street names like “Main St. The unit must be fully charged to meet the use time. Very easy to use interface. Use the transfer Data feature to save a user file. Can’t manually type in street names. Be sure the SD card is plugged into the unit. I am very impressed with it and have reccomended it to many of my friends. Over 3 million points of interest feature in with map information, so you are never more than a touch away from a gas station, hotel, restaurant, or ATM.

Here is how you do it. Press the X and the new waypoint will now be in your address book.

How do I change the local time on the XOG?