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Just out of curiousity, do you know which specific model number of Siig expresscard you’re using? In our benchmark tests the Precision M convinced by overall good results. This has been disabled for Pro Tools testing. The time now is Win Update did not find any new drivers.

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It is black, grey, dark-grey without any colourful spot.

Dell Precision M Average Score: I have been living with this Dell for quite some time now Running current DirectX10 games was once again disillusioning. This is once again a special equipment by the company, which provided us with this notebook.

Intel Centrino Mobile Technology Mainboard: Undock and redock carefully. PC Advisor Users who favour functionality and don’t mind lugging additional weight if it gives them the equivalent of a true desktop environment will find much to like in the Dell Precision M, a workstation in the form factor audil a laptop.

This desktop replacement notebook has a double hook transport lock. The Dell Precision M is generously equipped with interfaces.

DELL Precision M Notebook Windows XP, Vista Drivers, Applications, Updates | Notebook Drivers

This is about the minimum runtime. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Sweetwater and Digidesign ran out of ideas but Dell continues to try to get this running. The 80Wh lithium-ions battery provides in spite of powerful components a good runtime. However, if you type in a normal way the keyboard is very silent.


I did some testing with MIDI a few days ago that had me set some configurations but I can’t see how that would have created this error message. However, the moment I tried to record I get the same errors.

So I’ve used Vista x64 drivers – but I’m not too sure that’s wise Here is what you should do. The function keys are somewhat more to the back and grouped into function groups at the right side. However, the offered best processor is really expensive. Although this is only a minor aspect for a workstation like the Dell Precision M, it still provides two speakers left and right at its front edge, whose maximum volume is good.

It looks like with the re-install I now have7.

Many thanks to the company Planet Notebookwhich kindly provided us with the reviewed notebook. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. Friday, April 9, 4: For a surcharge of ,- Euro, you can also order this notebook with WUXGA panel with a maximum resolution of x pixels. The only way to continue this was to close that the window and select End Now which Below is the Sandra report you requested.


The Dell Precision M is a breed apart; legitimately, a laptop workstation. At the first, the missing extra numerical pad of the keyboard gets obvious. Then later the timer starts back up again.

Dell Precision M6300

It seems to be built well enough to be thrown around in day to day use, and hold up throughout a reasonable life cycle in m600 corporate environment. Made in Poland – from the green island to the European continent.

World in Conflict and also Crysis run only with low details in a satisfactory and smooth way. That’s the one you recommend, right? The similarity to the Dell Inspirona consumer notebook comparable to the Precision M, which is in the meanwhile superseded by the Dell Inspiron here’s the review with newly designed case, gets also obvious at once.

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