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It gives underway gently enough to allow for touch typing to be a pleasant, clean experience. Comment on this change optional. PeterDaveHello hsu-8 wrote on Like the pulse setting where your color of choice will pulse on and off. No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi.

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Prices correct at time of posting. The product listing states the measurements of the keyboard are 49 x Aside from a constant single colour backlight the keyboard has one other lighting function. As stated previously by default the keyboard lighting is on constant mode.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Please test the latest v4. I tried it on two computers with the same result, i.

Masione Domineering LED USB Gaming Keyboard With 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlight

See details for full description. While one can easily be obtained separately it will never be attached to the keyboard so when moving the keyboard. For gaming the keyboard is somewhat like using MX brown switches, with masilne a little more resistance offered when the keys are pressed although not as much as black switches.

Once keyblard state has been set it appears to keybord permanent and persistent until next reboot. There is one small problem however that should be noted regarding productivity use with the keyboard and that is the layout which is US and not UK.


This site uses cookies. This largely explains the poor lighting on the majority of the keys around the outside edge. The frame of the Masione keyboard is actually made from clear plastic as in fact are the key caps.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: There is no software or drivers included in the box, however, such is not required. System Product Name dmi. Yeah, I want a permanently on setting. I was just sitting down to figure out how to write a device driver, and when I loaded the usbmon module and fired up wireshark the keyboard started behaving. If all you are used to is a traditional membrane keyboard and you have never typed on a mechanical keyboard, you will find that the Masione keyboard is a pleasure to type on.

Masione LED USB Gaming Keyboard with 7 Adjustable Colorful Backlights Review

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: You ekyboard also like. Red, blue, green, purple, light blue, yellow, and white. Oh, wait, there is one. Like watching movies, most games are best played with all kkeyboard lights off, except for the monitor of course. No upgrade log present kyboard fresh install dmi. Aside from wobble the Shift, Enter and Space keys have an entirely separate issue to contend with.


It’s a new keyboard and basically unusable due to the incorrect key recognition by usbhid module. The first few keys were captured with the “modified” keycodes that the usbhid driver doesn’t recognize properly, then it seems to have switched into “normal” mode and behaved like a regular usb keyboard. Attached to these supports is a single metal wire that runs the length of the key cap and with the exception of where this wire is mounted to the key cap it is otherwise sits loose.

Masione Multi-Color Half Mechanical USB Wired Gaming Keyboard Review | Eunoia Reviews

Key Caps The Masione has a satisfying mechanical keyboard snap when you press a key, instead of being a wriggly-rubbery indent. Well now the fam can sleep peacefully while I game happily all night long!

To be exact, I timed it at 4 minutes and 6 seconds. These feet do not lock into place and are entirely limp, when deployed if the keyboard is pushed backwards so much as a millimetre they simply collapse.