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After that it works great. Changed the Monitor Cable to a new one!! Works fine in console and in X, but flickered a bit during the ps2gl demo could be software-related? Samsung electronics, the vendor of this model claims this monitor doesn’t support a Sync-On-Green. The message “Status Out Of Sync

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Linux for PlayStation 2 Community: Sync on Green Monitor DB

Need to switch off, wait 5 min, switch on, and enjoy See spec — http: Doesn’t seem to recognize the signal as a signal. Sync on Green DB Manufacturer. Flashing image in X windows.

Sometime I think that this monitor has been developed for the Playstation Linux Kit: Switching to other consoles possible. Durning install sometimes it will black out for a second and come right back. Nothing at all on the screen. SoG works when switching between inputs. Component works as NTSC.


The screen just said, “Please check video cables”. Default output from the PS2 needed modifying via a TV before successfully outputing to monitor. The unit also pivots for switching between landscape and portrait mode.

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Still working on X support. Manufacturer doesn’t list SOG, guess it’s not. Phillips 19″ television nascar15pearce Tested Working must blindly install www. Mine was manufactured August Giant 19″ monitor that weighs a tonne!!

Monitor acts like nothing is connected and goes to sleep. Does not explicitly support SOG in Spec. It rolls something terrible.

I would imagine the rest in the range should work fine too. Monitor is really a Sony Trinitron FD tube and sync-on-green works with my o2 so should work with ps2linux just fine.

Tested x x and rac No picture, no video signal, screen completely black this is the only monitor of the 3 I tried that did not get any signal at all. Won’t respond at all. My older model is dated: Be sure to go into the third menu and set Clamp Pulse Position to Back or the display will be green-tinted.


Dell T Trinitron bigman Tested Working 17″ monitor worked from the start. Resolution x working only at 16bpp, Use autoadjust on monitor menu for recognizing X signal.

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Works with Linux kit fine color and syncI havent tried other resolutions yet. Montior light shows no signal. The model could be wrong. How do I fix the problem. Doesn’t matter cause it doesn’t work.