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I use the connection at the power transformer. I have a cricut expression. However The Imagine looks pretty new, and it being a printer too, I suspect that it will be incompatable. On Tue, Aug 19, at 9: Matt thanks for your creativity, would never have thought this was possible.

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Now we are faced with solving the problem of needing crucut transition from a seemingly unsupported program MTC. I had the old version of Made the Cut and somehow lost it off my computer.

Make the Cut!™ – Offical Website – Greatest cutter software yet created!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! The trial version of SCAL is also available for testing. Retrieved from ” http: Nate, I could copy my old version 4.

When I first tried with my laptop, I had struggles, but eventually it seemingly sorted itself out somehow.

What links here Related changes Special pages Printable version Permanent link. Thank you so much for this info. Hi Rachel, it can be frustrating with so much information out there.


Awe this makes me sad. Personal Die Cutting Post author November 19, at 3: Is it possible to do this with a mac running OS X I love it but unfortunately, have not really sat down and learned to use it crucut it;s full potential.

Lisa, is this the espression 2???? I am one happy camper. Start your cut with MTC demo. I have a small cricut machine and a cricut expressions. I watched 2 videos on You Tube and that was it. I had just tossed the. Has anyone tried that? Any assistance or guidance anyone could offer would be immensely appreciated!

How to Connect Your Cricut to the Make the Cut Software

Judy-marie Steenkamp June 8, at 6: Oh, I forgot to add I also own a cutterbug! There are certain features that can make one program preferable over the other, depending on what you need at the time.

What to do now? The cutting window offers more features: I think I found the driver, can you explain how to download it to my trial of Scal? Is there anywhere I can get the copy back. Plugged my cricut into every usb criicut my computer…haha.


Hi, do you still have access to the PCCPlugin. You can try it out if you like, by downloading the make the cut demo, and the driver file, and seeing if it works.

I have been working on trying to access other images for over a week and am about to run screaming from the room! Options to mirror or flip images before cutting Customizable presets for materials and blades Prompt ceicut when needing to change out tools during a cut Impactive features which are missing in MTC: I used it so much and Crivut really loved it.

The version of my cricut is v. I found the plugin here http: